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Version 5 as at 6 April 2008
Immigration: Overview



On the following pages I have made immigration lists for different Bessarabian villages available. I ask anyone who has additional information to contact me so that I can enlarge the lists.

On the page about the origin of the Bessarabian immigrants I have described why it is so important to look also to the surrounding villages when you are searching for a name. Please read also the overview page about the origin of the immigrant.

I have put the families to the villages because they either immigrated into these villages or because they died there or because they are conected to the village in one way or another.

Immigration lists

Below an immigration list for Alt Posttal is shown. I compiled the data from different sources without checking. Partially the data is wrong or distorted. In any case the data must be checked!

References are given in the lists and the complete list of references is given on a separate page. Please respect the copyrights.

Immigration lists are available for the following villages:

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