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No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.
(UN Declaration of Human Rights)

Niemand darf willkürlichen Eingriffen in sein Privatleben, seine Familie, seine Wohnung und seinen Schriftverkehr oder Beeinträchtigungen seiner Ehre und seines Rufes ausgesetzt werden. Jeder hat Anspruch auf rechtlichen Schutz gegen solche Eingriffe oder Beeinträchtigungen.
(UN Deklaration der Menschenrechte)

Version 8 as at 21 March 2009



I offer different possibilities to leave a message for other people:

The forum offers the possibility to leave message for other researchers. There are two possibilities:

1. Adding a visiting card, to inform others which families and villages you are doing research on. If you are - for example - creating a complete family tree you shouldn't leave a message in the guestbook only but also a visiting card.

The goal of a visiting-card is to let other researchers know in which topics you can help them and to achieve additional data for your topic.

2. Leave a message in the guestbook to ask others for help.

Adding visiting cards

To add or change a visiting-card please contact me and tell me what you would like to have entered on your visiting-card. Please consider also the differences between visiting cards and a message in the guestbook as described in the overview.

The visiting-card contains:

Name: Your name.

Email: Here an email address can be inserted. Those concerned about this can ask me not to publish the email adress. If someone would like to contact the researcher the email adress can be obtained from me. As an alternative a link to another internet page can be added where the email adress is given.

Homepage: If you have a homepage you can add it here.

Families: Here families which you are doing research on are inserted. You can explain if all occurencies or only occurencies in some villages are researched. Names should only be inserted if research is done more or less on the complete family. This forum aims to tell everyone what you know, not what you do not know (for this you can laeave a message in the guestbook). Because of this please do not enter your dead ends (you can do so in the guestbook). Someone with dead ends is going to be informed here who is doing intense research on the family and perhaps can help.

Villages: If research is done more or less on complete villages they can be included here. The villages entered here are not linked to the names given above, so please remeber to describe for the names which occurences you are doing research on in the field above!

Origin: If someone was able to find the village where a family came from and has done research in that village please enter it here (family and village).

Remarks: Here you can add remarks.

Visiting cards

Name: Brauer, Jörg
Email: Please contact me to get the address.
Families: Haegele, Kaemmler, Kludt.

Name: Brost, Norbert
Familien: Bross, Brost, Wiedmann, Schulz, Koth.
Orte: Bad Burnas, Basyrjamka.

Name: Giering, Angelika
Email: Please contact me to get the address.
Villages: Effingshausen (Starowa Góra).

Name: Hunter, Rick.
Email: Please contact me to get the address.
Families: Gutknecht, Kappel, Kruckenberg, Krummrueck, Kuhn, Martsch, Semmler, Welk.
Villages: Alt Arzis, Brienne, Neu Arzis.

Name: Kosanke Peterson, Carol.
E-Mail: Given on the homepage.
Families: Buchholz, Fercho, Frieske, Kosanke, Makus, Richter, Rust, Salo.
Villages: Paris.
Remarks: Carol Kosanke Peterson is the GRHS village coodinator for Paris, Bessarabia, Ukraine.

Name: Leischner, Dale.
Email: Please contact me to get the address.
Families: Hins (Hinz), Hoffmann, Leischner, Tiede.
Villages: Kulm.

Name: Remmick-Hubert, Judy A.
Email: Given on the homepage.
Villages: Borodino.

Name: Reule, Ingrid
Email: Given on the homepage.
Villages: Kloestitz.
Remarks: Ingrid Reule is the GRHS village coodinator for Borodino and Kloestitz.

Name: Schindler, Sabine.
Email: Please contact me to get the address.
Families: Hein.

Name: Siewert, Manuela.
FamilieS: Seefried.

Name: Starzmann, Walter.
Families: Staatsmann, Stadtsmann, Startsman, Startsmann, Startzman, Startzmann, Starzman, Starzmann, Statsmann, Stutzmann.

Name: Zimmermann, Armin.
Email: Kontakt.
Families: Banko, Boettcher, Moldenhauer, Moessner, Nill, Woessner.
Villages: Kulm.
Origin: Moessner (from Trossingen, Wuerttemberg via Effingshausen, Lodz, Poland), Nill (aus Ofterdingen, Württemberg).

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