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Origin of the Bessarabian families: Overview

To answer the question where the Bessarabian immigrants came from it is necessary to have a look at the so-called "Warschauer Kolonisten" (Warsaw colonists). They received a call to settle in Bessarabia. It also has to be considered that on the one hand Swabian settlers and on the other hand settlers from the Netzedistrikt and Posen belonged to this group of people.

Closely connected with the settlement of Prussia and Poland is the History of Prussia. From this follows when and by whom which area was colonised.

This historical background is necessary to understand the origin of the Bessarabian immigrants. It has to be kept in mind that the families mostly moved together. Therefore it is worthwhile to have a look at the point of origin of other families which settled in the same Bessarabian village. Furthermore we have to take into account that the immigration lists of a village do not necessarily contain all families which finally settled in it. Due to the situation in Bessarabia it was common that a family moved to a close-by village whithout being listed in the immigration list of that village.

This approach is for example necessary to determine the origin of the Böttcher family. Still it is open how and if the different branches are related to each other and where the members came from. Nevertheless it should be possible to clarify this considering all coherences. It is most important to identify the Polish villages where they came from and the appropriate parishes and church records.

The specific problem is the fact that many of the villages in Poland that come into question did not have a church of its own and therefore the families are listed in church records of other villages. For example the people from Effingshausen are listed in the church records of Rzgów, the confirmation records of Grömbach in the records of Ilow. Therefore I ask all who can give input to contact me in order to prepare a list of church records in Poland which will be helpful also for others with the same problem.

Another problem is that the names often were written in Polish. The church records are written in Polish or Latin and the names are partially changed. Therefor it is important to know the Polish pronunciation.

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