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Version 15 as at 22 July 2008
Genealogy of the Mössner family: Overview



Would anybody doing research on the Mössner / Messner family of Bessarabia please contact me in order to exchange data. I aim to compile the family tree as completely as possible.

I am also doing research on the Wössner family because sometimes the names Wössner and Mössner are mixed up. This is why I have both families in the database.

Database: Bessarabia

The persons who I have added to my database are listed in the family tree of the Moessner family. If you are interested in receiving further data please contact me. I will be glad to help you as much as possible.

In the database I have collected information from the following sources; the numbers are the numbers of the microfilms that are archived at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where they can also be borrowed.

  • 1053423: Beresina * 1849-1851
  • 1198706: Beresina + 1815, 1817-1849 (transcription 1940)
  • 1198706: Beresina * 1931-1940
  • 1766535: Tarutino * 1833-1843
  • 1766540: Beresina family book 1939
  • 1766541: Beresina family book 1939
  • 1766542: Beresina family book 1939
  • 1766556: Beresina * 1817-1848 (transcription 1940)
  • 1766556: Beresina * 1851-1861
  • 1766556: Beresina + 1849-1866
  • 1766557: Beresina family book 1834
  • 1766557: Beresina family book 1846-1860
  • 1766564: Tarutino oo 1830-1847, 1855-1864
  • 1768263: Beresina family book 1846-1860
  • 1768263: Beresina family book 1861-1880
  • 1768264: Beresina family book 1881-1895
  • 1768288: Kulm family book 1861-1889
  • 1768378: Kulm family book 1939 (beginning)
  • 1768378: Klöstitz oo1842-1880 (fragments)
  • 2161885: Jekaterinowka (parish of Leipzig) + 1908-1940
  • 2236237: Rzgów * 1805-1815 (contains Effingshausen)
  • 38904: Klöstitz oo 1922-1925
  • Email from Herbert Knodel, Rotonda, Florida
  • Email from Robin Deems
  • Klöstitz homepage by Ingrid Reule
  • Odessa Digital Library - Koblenz extraction: Arzis, Alexanderfeld, Arzis, Beresina, Borodino, Ebenfeld, Jakobstal, Jekaterinowka, Josephsdorf, Kaschpalat, Leipzig, Manukbejewka, Neu Borodino, Neu Klöstitz, Sarata
  • Ortsfamilienbuch Kulm

Database: Trossingen

The Mössner family has its origins in Trossingen / Württemberg. The ancestors of Johannes Mössner are added to a database.


The family has its origins in Trossingen / Württemberg. There are still questions. You will find them at Emigration to Bessarabia.

Emigration to Bessarabia

In the immigration list of Beresina we find "Messner, Mattheus, 1815 from Württemberg, Mössner (Messner) Jakob, 1815 from Württemberg, Mössner (Messner) Johannes, 1815 or 1816 from Württemberg".

Instead of Mattheus it could also be Matthias. In Trossingen / Württemberg we find:

Jakob Mössner * 13 Dec 1799 in Trossingen (+ 30 Nov 1864 in Beresina / Bessarabia) as son of Matthias Mössner (* 8 Feb 1773 in Trossingen, + 31 Mar 1847 in Beresina) and Christina Schneckenburger from Schura / Württemberg.

In the church records of Beresina Jakob is mentioned twice with Effinghausen in Poland as his place of birth. The place of birth given in the Bessarabian church records often is the last place of residence instead as it is in this case. Jakob demonstrable was born in Trossingen.

Johannes most likely is also a son of Matthias / Matthaeus. According to the Bessarabian church records he was born on 13 Oct 1806 in Effinghausen / Poland. In Beresina Matthaeus Mössner is mentioned on the farmyard of Johannes together with the information that he was born on 8 Feb 1773 in Messingen / Wuerttemberg. In the church records of Mössingen we do not find him. We find a Matthias Mössner in Trossingen with the same date of birth instead! Most likely both are identical and Matthias had his reserved property ("Altenteil") on the farmyard. Probably the family emigrated via Mössingen?

It can also be confirmed that Matthias and Matthaeus / Mattheus probably are the same by the Dokumentation of the Hauptstaatsarchivs Stuttgart. They list "Mattes Messner, married, bricklayer, from the city of Trossingen, emigrated to Poland in 1801, 2 adults, 2 children, capital 400 fl." Moreover they mention that according to Stumpp the family moved in 1815 to Beresina / Bessarabia.

Moreover Matthias is also called Matheiß in the church records of Trossingen. In Beresina Matthaeus is called Matthias when his death was registered together with the note that he was born in Trossingen.

Who can give further information? Who knows more about Johannes? In which curch records is his birth registered? Is Christina Schneckenburger his mother? In the church records of Rzgów (LDS 2236237) we find other children of Matthias and Christina (Maria * 13 May 1808 in Effingshausen, Martin * 29 Oct 1809 in Effingshausen, Agatha Catharina * 3 Sep 1811 in Effingshausen) but unfortunatelly not Johannes * 13 Oct 1806. Who knows when Christina Schneckenburger died? Probably she is the mother of Johannes.

In the Altpreussischen Geschlechterkunde, Band 30, Die südpreussischen Kolonien 1802-1806 [Old Prussian Genealogy, volume 30, The South Prussian colonies 1802-1806] Martin Schiewe lists the colonists of Effinghausen in the years 1801 and 1802. One of them is Mathaeus Messner from Wuerttemberg. His family consists of 3 people, who died?

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