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Version 13 as at 7 December 2007
Genealogy of the Moldenhauer family: Overview



Would anybody doing research on the Moldenhauer family of Bessarabia please contact me in order to exchange data.

I aim to compile the family tree as completely as possible.


The persons who I have added to my database are listed in the family tree of the Moldenhauer family. If you are interested in receiving further data please contact me. I will be glad to help you as much as possible.

In the database I have collected information from the following sources; the numbers are the numbers of the microfilms that are archived at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where they can also be borrowed.

  • 1198663: Katzbach *oo+ 1821-1840
  • 1198663: Paris *oo+ 1819-1840
  • 1766535: Tarutino * 1824-1843
  • 1766537: Parish of Tarutino * 1844-1852, *+ 1850-1857. Contains among other things Kulm and Leipzig.
  • 1766619: Paris family book 1830, Paris * 1846-1871, Paris + 1846-1871
  • 1768035: Parish of Tarutino, * Tarutino 1853-1866
  • 1768288: Kulm family book 1861-1880
  • 1768378: Kulm family book 1939 part I
  • 1768378: Klöstitz oo 1842-1880 (fragments)
  • 1768380: Leipzig oo 1932-1940
  • 2161882: Kulm * 1919-1940
  • 2161885: Kulm + 1878-1891 volume III
  • 2161887: Kulm + 1919-1940
  • Descendants of Michael Moldenhauer
  • Email from Carol Kosanke Peterson, additions to the family tree
  • Email from Jörg Beyer, ancestors of Thomas Moldenhauer added
  • Email from Lorne Schatz, ancestors of Annatolia Moldenhauer added
  • Email from Marlene MacGillivray nee Schatz: Descendants of Annatolia Moldenhauer added.
  • Flegel, Arthur E.: Extended Relationships of the Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino Communities in Bessarabia, Russia
  • GEDCOM from Lisa Trudo
  • Heimatbuch der Gemeinde Kulm [Homeland book of Kulm] , 1968
  • Letter from Alois Seiffert, Bad Kreuzach
  • Letter from Carol Koskanke Peters
  • Letter from Ted Becker
  • Odessa Digital Library, various files
  • Odessa Digital Library - Koblenz extraction: Alt Posttal, Bender, Emmental, Krasna, Kurudschika, Leipzig, Mannsburg, Paris, Romanowo
  • Ortsfamilienbuch Kulm

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